«Additional number» from Kyivstar – 2 phone numbers on 1 SIM-card. Part II

January 23, 2012 · Posted in Services · Comment 

From / on additional number it is possible to send / to receive SMS.
1) For sending SMS from additional number, it is necessary to type customer number in a format 018380YYХХХХХХХ where 018 – is the service code, and 380YYХХХХХХХ is customer number in the international format without «+». At the subscriber-phone your additional number will be displayed at usual sending of the message, without 018
Pay attention, to send SMS it is possible only on numbers of the Ukrainian operators of mobile communication (on short SPA-NUMBERS to send SMS there is no possibility). To receive and send SMS it is possible even in roaming but meanwhile mobile operator Kyivstar does not guarantee work correctness.
2) If you have received SMS on additional number, number of the sender will be displayed in a format 018380YYХХХХХХХ. Read more

The action «Roaming in Russia» – unlimited conversations

October 25, 2011 · Posted in Actions · Comment 

The information in this article will be useful for Kyivstar users, which:
1) Are the contract subscribers with the tariff «Unlimited Space», «Business Unlimited Space», «Absolute Unlimited» and «Business Absolute Unlimited»;
2) Sometimes go to Russia with Kyivstar mobile number.
The action «Roaming in Russia» will allow subscribers to receive into their account minutes to call and accept entering calls free of charge being in Russia, that means you must not to limit yourself in conversations:
– for tariffs «Unlimited Space», «Business Unlimited Space»500 minutes per month;
– for tariffs «Absolute Unlimited», «Business Absolute Unlimited»1000 minutes per month. Read more

«Business 40 / 80 / 120» and service «Subscribers’ group»

September 1, 2011 · Posted in Tariffs · Comment 

The service «Subscribers group» is given for tariff plans «Business 40», «Business 80», «Business 120». This service gives the possibility for subscribers to make free of charge calls on numbers of the closed users group and within one personal account without restrictions.
IMPORTANT! Free volume of minutes which is given on conditions of tariffs (Quantity of minutes for calls on numbers of closed users group, within one personal account, and also on Kyivstar, Golden Telecom, Beeline) will be used only for calls within Kyivstar, Beeline and Golden Telecom networks. Read more

Tariffs for business- and corporate subscribers of Kyivstar

September 1, 2011 · Posted in Tariffs · Comment 

Dear readers, the information about tariffs for business- and corporate subscribers is given to your attention: «Simple», «Business 40», «Business 80», «Business 120». In the description below and in the comparative table of a following post you will see that among advantages of these tariffs: absence of the set-up fee, free calls to the numbers of the closed users group, free volume of minutes (in some tariffs SMS and Mb), possibility to choose the tariff, according to your requirements, considering necessary quantity of minutes and the expense for mobile communication. Read more

«5 copecks» – economy with Djuice

August 23, 2011 · Posted in Tariffs · Comment 

Since August, 26th Djuice subscribers will have a possibility to connect the new tariff «5 copecks» according to conditions of which you will daily receive 100 bonus minutes for calls on numbers of Kyivstar / Djuice and 30 bonus minutes for calls on numbers of other mobile operators and on city phones. Within this limit cost of minute of conversation will be 0,05 grn. When the limit is exhausted, calls on numbers across Ukraine will cost 0,53 grn.! Thus, the tariff doesn’t assume itself a payment for connection (at presence of bonus minutes, and at their absence). Besides, you will daily receive 5 Mb. It will be necessary for you to pay a daily fee – 0,80 grn. Read more

«Djuice Birthday» – accept gifts!

August 22, 2011 · Posted in Actions · Comment 

Dear subscribers Djuice, the action «Djuice Birthday» is given to your attention!!! As Djuice celebrates the 7th anniversary, among the subscribers draw of prizes is spent, besides this the subscribers will have an opportunity to send SMS and MMS, use Internet free of charge and also to order free D-Djingl.
The action operates from August, 15th till September, 30th, 2011.
In details on stages of carrying out of the action:
1) Registration. From August, 15th till August, 30th, 2011 (inclusive) it is necessary for you to be registered in the action free of charge – to join group Djuice in social networks for receiving free WWW-access to the Internet. Read more